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Welcome to the Summer Springs Wiki[]

Summer Springs is an online Facebook farming simulation game developed by Gaia Fever Studio, a part of Gaia Online.


Since it is such a straightforward game, you are probably looking for one of these pages.

  • Characters walk around town, have cute little conversations with you, give out experience, quests, and bonus crops.
  • Crops is the first means of gaining gold.
  • Animals eat crops and create more expensive stuff in return.
  • Trees take only an initial investment, and in time produce fruits or nuts.
  • Shops process items from crops, animals, trees and other shops into more expensive products.
  • Happiness increase happiness, which is neaded to place crops, animals, trees, and shops. It also unlocks quests.
  • Quests are given out by NPCs, and give 200 gold and 10 cash as a reward, as well as access to new quests.
  • Guide is a general guide to playing. At least, it will be eventually.
  • TIPS Some good advice for Beginners
  • Neighbors Need some? POST, Also find out more about them.
  • Gold per hour Chart Awesome Help